78 Degrees Rosso Vermouth 750mL

Rich and luscious, 78? Rosso Vermouth is a balance of complex herbal characters and ripe berry fruit with a bright citrus lift.

Casting characteristics of raspberry and blueberry with nuances of spice, chocolate and tobacco, this is the perfect foundation to craft our Rosso Vermouth. To this rich base we add a generous handful of our imported 1960s blend of 36 Torino roots, herbs and spices, which add vanilla, spice and deeply complex herbal characters. Individually vapour infused native botanicals including anise myrtle and quandong impart an Australian touch, adding rich stone fruit characters and enhancing the leafy herbal complexity. Sunrise lime and finger lime cut through the unctuous nature of the Grenache to for a bright citrus lift to balance the finish.