Barossa Valley Chocolate Company

There is so much for the whole family to enjoy at the Barossa Valley Chocolate Company, with a range of over 250 products, made from milk, dark, white, and ruby chocolate, including single origin selections, handmade Pralines, and limited-edition specialties.

Barossa Valley Chocolate Company CEO Chris Day, along with his wife Sandy drew inspiration for their chocolate vision by travelling 100,000km around the world to sample the best chocolate experiences, from Bruges, Florence, Bariloche and Daintree in Australia - draw inspiration for their chocolate dream in the Barossa Valley.

While developing the company, Chris and Sandy took a chocolate making course to learn as much as they could about chocolate to provide the best products to the customers. After appointing their head chocolatier from Melbourne, they wanted to be able to talk to her about chocolate and understand the creation process!