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Showcasing Regional and the very best South Australian produce

We celebrate the artisans and the underdogs. We support traditions that were born from ingenuity and new ideas that will one day make history. We are proud of what we create and aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty in the process – it’s what makes our state great. Handcrafted and humble – Southern Providore pays homage to the farmers markets, the early settlers and grape growers, the small town bakeries and the roadside stalls where delicious produce is a direct result of passion and persistence.

Born from pristine environments, diverse people, and boundless ingenuity; the South Australian spirit is pure, rich and unapologetic. Here you’ll find small producers that frequent world stages, artisans who have spent 170 years honing their craft and locals willing to share their best kept secrets. Southern Providore is your gateway to a truly South Australian experience.

Take a sensory journey across South Australia and relish in the purity of our abundant seas, wine soaked hills and vast plains. Experience the local flavour. Savour our world-renowned produce. Develop a taste for the South Australian way of life.

Southern Providore, exclusively available at Adelaide Airport.

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A celebration of community and quality where expertise, flavour and ingenuity meet.

Instantly recognisable, South Australia is present in everything we do from the local and native ingredients to the world-renowned names that fill our shelves.

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We value craft, collaboration and individual expression. We are skillful makers and innovators who confidently forge our own path.

It’s not just our history, but our ability to rewrite it that sets us apart.

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Every experience we offer engages the senses, delights the consumer and evokes memories of time spent in SA.

We encourage people to try, taste and take home a piece of South Australia.

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Find us on Level 2 Adelaide Airport. 1 James Schofield Drive. Shop our range of produce, have a snack at the Grand Table or sample some wines.

You can also create your own gift hamper to send Australia wide. 

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