Wolf Blass Wines

Wolfgang Franz Otto Blass was born in Germany in 1934.

After Wolf ran away from school, his parents gave him an ultimatum: start a 3-year winemaking apprenticeship or get back to class. And so began a journey which changed the winemaking world.

After studying Champagne techniques in France in 1957, Wolf became the youngest person ever to graduate with a Masters in Oenology (Wine Science) from Veitschoechheim-Wuerzberg. In 1959, he moved to England to study the art of blending before moving to the Barossa Valley in 1961, deciding against a move to Venezuela. In 1966, he established Wolf Blass Wines.

Wolf Blass has a long and proud history of making award-winning wines using age-old methods.

Our world-class winery is the home for our winemaking team, who blend old and new techniques to create extraordinary wines.

Wolf Blass winemakers set the very highest of standards. From meticulous fruit selection, to fermentation in state-of-the-art, open vessels, small batch, experimental winemaking and maturation in fine oak barrels, our wines are crafted at every stage of production.