Kangaroo Island Fresh Garlic

It all started with three mates chatting over a beer sometime in 2012 – Shane, Sam and Lachie. This led to a road trip through mid-north SA for research.  Just as the venture was about to start, cruelly Shane’s two mates passed away in the space of 12 months and plans were put on the back burner. 

Shane planted the first crop in 2015 on a couple of acres of his sheep farm in Stokes Bay, Kangaroo Island.

Kangaroo Island Fresh Garlic wasn’t an overnight success, by any means, with a few pretty tough years in the beginning. But Shane was never tempted to chuck it in. He just kept having a crack. And the thought of how happy the boys would be to see it actually happen, helped keep him going. We reckon they’d be proud. 

*Our pristine environment coupled with our cold Kangaroo Island winters create the perfect conditions for growing garlic. Every December we’re rewarded with a bumper crop of fresh garlic, absolutely chock-a-block full of that delicious, intense garlic flavour.  Our garlic is harvested by hand (no machines around here!) in the picturesque Stokes Bay countryside, Kangaroo Island. Pure, pesticide-free garlic.

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