Kindred Self

Located in Port Adelaide, Kindred Self was created by counsellor Kyrie Kohlhagen to meet her personal desire to increase self care and to support a balanced lifestyle. The range of mood balancing products provide a natural and portable solution to help individuals mindfully navigate their emotions throughout their everyday.

Harnessing the health benefits of aromatherapy, Kindred Self's eight purposefully crafted ‘May I Be’ essential oil blends provide a personal sensory experience to help transition through any difficult emotions as and when they arise. A perfectly packaged on-the-go remedy to support a busy lifestyle – simply pause, inhale and reset.

Designed with a fast-paced lifestyle in mind, the Kindred Self product range includes portable mists and rollers to carry with you to work, school, or whenever you are away from home. The diffuser blends are a natural way to transform your home environment into a place of balance and calm.

Our sense of smell is connected to the part of our brain that controls and regulates our stress levels, emotions and memories. This is why a smell can automatically bring forth a memory, and also within seconds, change our mood. Whether we’d like to feel alert or calm, Kindred Self essential oil blends can have a balancing effect on our whole nervous system. By combining the science of aromatherapy with mindfulness, each Kindred Self product teaches you to use your sense of smell as a way to settle your mind and connect you to the present moment.

Kindred Self is dedicated to providing an authentic and natural product using a combination of premium quality certified organic and/or single harvest essential oils. The range is free from any nasties like synthetic fragrance, parabens or phthalates. It’s our hand-on-heart promise!