Emu Bay Lavender Farm

It all began in 2001 when the first lavender garden was planted and a “short” 19 years later the farm has over 51 acres and twelve varieties of some of the most beautiful lavender bushes you’ll find anywhere.

During summer the lavender flowers are in full bloom and we begin harvesting. Kangaroo Islands famous Ligurian bees are busy pollinating the flowers and begin producing our signature lavender honey.

Emu Bay Lavender hand harvest and strip around 8,000 bunches per year and currently distil around 8 kilograms of essential oil which is used in all their handmade therapeutic products. It takes about 100 kilograms of flowers to produce just one kilogram of oil. It is a labour of love, but being 5th generation Kangaroo Island farmers, they love the land and the bounty it provides. 


The lavender grown on the farm fall into two categories which are known for their distinct uses. 


These varieties are best used for aromatherapy or culinary uses. These varieties produce essential oil known as Lavender Oil. Lavender Oil is known to be relaxing and calming.


These varieties produce essential oil known as Lavandin which is widely used in soaps and craft products, Lavandin is also known to be more stimulating.