Kangaroo Island Olives

Kangaroo Island Olives' philosophy is focused on regenerative agriculture and sustainable farming practices. We deeply respect the environment and hold a fundamental belief in working with mother nature, not against her. We believe healthy soils grow healthy foods which make healthy humans.

Today, the family farm is known as 'Little Liguria’. It is a mixed farming operation which includes olive groves, honeybees, seasonal grazing, and agri-tourism. Day to day farming activities are coordinated by Dom, whilst son Michael handles business operations.

You can stay at our Little Liguria homestead while visiting Kangaroo Island.  Nestled between our oldest olive grove and the Nepean Bay waterfront.  It is centrally located within walking distance of the olive groves, beach, horse stables, lagoon and nature trails.

Did you know the Ligurian Olive Tree, amongst other olive cultivars, was introduced to Kangaroo Island in the early 1990's by Domenico Esposito?  Developed over four hundred years ago by the Saint Benedictine monks of the Italian Riviera, it's a dual purpose olive used for making extra virgin olive oil and table olives. It's fruit quality and yields prompted more tree plantings which occurred in 2019 and will continue into the future.

We like to think the Ligurian olive tree makes the island’s bees feel connected to their Italian heritage.