The Grand Table Experience

Welcome to the Grand Table, an authentic South Australian Food & Wine experience.  
Agriculture has always been the beating heart of the South Australian community.  Our state brims with hard-working small producers adding value by creating post farm gate produce.  We proudly champion artisan bakers, winemakers and distillers whose passion drives them.
Here at the Grand Table we have one simple but “Grand” idea.  To showcase this talent and celebrate the essence of regional flavours.  Each season we will feature one of the recognised regions to showcase their local wines, spirits and produce.
Once you’ve tried we’re sure you’ll be tempted to take some home from our retail offer. 

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Just an hour and a half from Adelaide, the secluded Clare Valley is an enchanting journey. Behind every corner, there is a new discovery. Wind your way through a cluster of villages and wineries, nestled in a picturesque valley.

Marvel at the patch work of pristine farmland, admire the elegant rows of vines and be inspired by the natural beauty of the region.

Life in the Clare Valley is truly entwined with the vine. The region boasts more than fortywineries, some operating out of farm sheds and rustic buildings. It’s a regionwhere wine blends effortlessly with history, art, food, relaxation and even exercise - if you’re up for it you can cycle the famed Riesling Trail, a 33km corridor linking quaint towns, restaurants and wineries. 

If you’ve just been to the Clare Valley you can enjoy one last taste of local.  If you haven’t been to Clare Valley this trip you can sample what you’ve missed and plan to visit the next time you’re back! 



Inspired by the great producers of Bordeaux the Taylor family established their family estate by Wakefield River in Clare Valley on the same day Neil Armstrong lands on the moon. The unique combination of geography, geology and climate results in terroir that produces world class wines.  We think Bill Taylor Senior made a great decision all those years ago. Raise your glass! 

Why Three Seahorses? 

When Bill Taylor Snr digs for a dam to secure water for the vines he discovers tiny seahorses in the limestone bedrock.  A great reminder these ancient soils once lay at the bottom of an ocean 600 million years ago and an ode to three generations of a great family business.



The son of immigrant Italians, coffee pours through Gianni Cirelli’s veins.  From an experimental 2kg roaster in the back garage @ 2011, his passion further developed with the commissioning of a 15kg roaster and small premises in Welland to become a boutique coffee roaster.  The locals come to the tin shed and watch the beans being roasted, enjoy a coffee and good conversation. Try a coffee in store or purchase some beans for home.  



Market St is an eclectic production hub for hand rolled sourdough bread and French influenced patisserie items in the city of Adelaide.

The open design brings kitchen and production together, in a space that gives you the feeling of being a part of the magic. With a strong connection to the Adelaide Central Market, ingredients are sourced from South Australia’s best local producers.

From flaky buttery croissants and crunchy sourdough baguettes to a range of beautiful, decadent patisserie items we have something for you, straight from the passions of the cobblestone side streets of Paris. The talented team of chefs and bakers pride themselves on their attention to detail that goes into every item we make.



There are few thingsyou remember having for the first time, fewer still that remain so clear inyour mind.  Our first cup of tea is justsuch a memory. Brewed by our mum, Stella, and shared around her 70's retro laminate kitchen table, this magical imbibe will forever conjure memories ofthat place - the aromas, colours and textures of home.  Established in 1999 T BAR is family owned andnow, rather than only making tea to enjoy around our kitchen table, we offer itto you in around 120 blends and varieties so you can enjoy around yours.



Anthony Skara’s journey began in 2007 as a one-man dynamo with a big dream of producing premium continental charcuterie. He realised the first step in producing premium charcuterie are local family farmers who provide the best meat available.  Drawing from his Croatian heritage, he then creates his unique recipes which are smoked in traditional brick wood fire smokerooms to deliver a true smoked flavour.  

The dream has flourished, the business has grown to a sustainable size and his belief and dedication has been rewarded with numerous local and national awards.  Those humble beginnings still influence Anthony to obsess about every step of the process from paddock to plate to deliver products of outstanding flavour.



The light bulb moment happened for Valerie and Peter while backpacking through France in the early 90’s.  The came home inspired to create a carefully selected range of specialty cheese and so The Smelly Cheese Shop started at Adelaide Central Market. 
Our passion extends to the purpose-built Maturing Room designed to replicate the naturally humid environment and consistent temperature of a cave.  

We still love to travel to visit cheese makers on their farms and factories and we often spend holidays working alongside the producers to increase our knowledge.  And to try their cheese.  



Over 50 years ago Hugh and Molly Lloyd knew they were onto a something great when they looked over the undulating hills across their vineyards to the sea although little did they know it would remain a family run affair all these years later with son Mark at the helm driving innovation and grandson’s Mark and Duncan in full support. 

The Lloyd family's keen interest in taste and flavour has led to the development of other products since the 1990's - olive oils, olives, vinegars, and cheese. Coriole have become pioneers in the redevelopment of these products in Australia