Market Street

The Journey began 15 years ago over a glass of Bordeaux in a watering hole down an unassuming cobble stone path of Paris. A fumbling and passionate conversation across two languages was where the love for Sourdough began.

The tale of a solo baker who had made bread for 38 years, starting every night after the sun went down and finishing as it started to rise. Scribbled on a napkin for the young South Aussie, a list of the must see bakeries in Paris. From the upmarket Boulangerie and patisserie shop to the battle weary, flour covered small producer, filling the streets with the scent of fresh baked dough to make sure the local community had a menagerie of crusty soft bread every morning.

After returning to Australia, Market St sourdough bread was ignited. Born from a genuine love of artisan sourdough bread, French patisserie, and high quality local produce. Market St is an eclectic production hub for hand rolled sourdough bread and French influenced patisserie items in the city of Adelaide.

The open design brings kitchen and production together, in a space that gives you the feeling of being a part of the magic. With a strong connection to the Adelaide Central Market, ingredients are sourced from South Australia’s best local producers.

From flaky buttery croissants and crunchy sourdough baguettes to a range of beautiful, decadent patisserie items we have something for you, straight from the passions of the cobblestone side streets of Paris. The talented team of chefs and bakers pride themselves on their attention to detail that goes into every item we make. With everything made by hand we can truly demonstrate the care and love that goes into every bite!