Prohibition Liquor Co



Prohibition Liquor Co. has pioneered the creation of a range of truly Australian gins with an attitude and sense of fun drawn from its namesake ‘Prohibition era’ predecessors.

With a shared passion and an entrepreneurial spirit, two South Australian locals – Adam Carpenter and Wes Heddles – worked tirelessly to perfect an exceptional neat-drinking gin, spending the first two years making over 12,000 bottles from a humble backyard garage. 
Soon outgrowing the garage, they set up their own Distillery and Tasting Room in the heart of Adelaide. Under the guidance of Head Distiller Hugh Lumsden, the Prohibition Distillery insists on using the finest quality botanicals and beautiful grape spirit from the Barossa Valley to create a range of artisan, award-winning gins for the local and international market.
 Visitors to the Adelaide Distillery can see ‘Mary’ – their beautiful copper still – in action, and taste and learn about the spirits made in-house, while savouring delicious local produce from the nearby Central Markets. Prohibition Liquor Co. also offers immersive experiences and events for all spirit-lovers, including Tasting Masterclasses and Gin Blending.
  Responding to an ever-increasing desire for authentic craft spirit experiences, Prohibition Liquor Co. continues to produce a variety of small-batch releases – including Navy Strength and Shiraz Barrel-Aged Gins, seasonal releases such as Blood Orange Gin, and their highly regarded limited-release Christmas Gin – constantly pushing boundaries and setting new industry standards. 
  Recognised internationally for the calibre of their products, winning over 100 National and International Awards, Prohibition Liquor Co. is driven by a thirst for innovation, with unique flavour profiles and the world’s finest botanicals as the staples of their range.