Kangaroo Island Pure Rain

A family owned and operated business that provides drinking water from the earth's cleanest air and the water has never touched the ground.  We think that is pretty unique.

Kangaroo Island Pure Rain natural bottled rainwater is captured directly from the skies above Kangaroo Island after it has travelled up on cold maritime air masses from the pristine Antarctic environment.

Our water has superior virginality which means that our water is incredibly low in nitrates, the nasties in water that can affect our health. Simple, but unique in a bottled water, ours is ‘rain’. Collected before it touches the ground, so it does not absorb any ground pollutants, it boasts a purity that you can taste!

At Kangaroo Island Pure Rain we have a passion for rainwater, the “elixir of life”, and for providing exceptional customer service the Australian way.

Great taste, good health, PURE and SIMPLE!